Meet Our Staff

Sean Prose
Broker/ Property Manager

Sean has been a resident of Las Vegas for over 20 years. He attended both the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Las Vegas. He graduated from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in Finance in 2003. Shortly after graduation Sean began his career as a Realtor® and loan officer. In 2007 he began focusing on Property Management and it has remained the specialty of Investment Brokers.

Naomi Han Prose
Office Manager

Naomi is a proud UNLV graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English. During her undergrad, she was a dental office manager with extensive training in interpersonal communication, increasing profitability, and system- implementation for efficiency. Plans of owning a dental practice changed when she and Sean got married in 2009 and they decided to make Investment Brokers a family business.

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