Do you charge a start-up fee?

We do not expect you to come out of pocket before your house is rented. Upon leasing your home, we will collect a one time Reserve Deposit in the amount of $250.

Do you charge a lease renewal fee?

Lease renewals are a win-win situation for you, as well as us! No, we do not charge for lease renewals.

What is your monthly service fee?

Our management fee is 10% of the monthly rental income. The amount is deducted each month from the rent we receive from your tenants and the balance is forwarded to you.

Do you make direct deposits?

There is a 1 page Direct Deposit Request Form that will require your signature and bank information. Provided that you bank here in the U.S. we will be able to make ACH payments directly into your account with your electronic routing number (not wire transfer routing number) and account number. Wires can be made into international accounts for the applicable fee (generally $45 per transfer).

What is your tenant screening process?

First and foremost, we like to meet the applicants in person. We encourage renters to deliver their applications in person whenever possible, but we are also considerate of everyone's work schedule. We accept applications via email and fax. Applicants represented by a Realtor usually come with a good recommendation because the Realtors generally research their clients prior to showing them houses. We run a credit report (including eviction history) criminal background check, verification of prior rental history, and verification of current employment. We will compile all the information prior to presenting the application to you for final approval.

How do you deal with tenants who pay late or fall behind on payments?

In light of today’s highly competitive rental market, we are more apt to work with our tenants. We feel that the late fees should compensate for a late payment, provided that it does not become habitual. In the event that eviction becomes inevitable, we work closely with a reputable eviction company here in town that serves a typical 5 day Notice to Pay or Quit. If after the 5-8 days the first notice allows, the next step will be to file a constable lock out and court appearance. We go to court on your behalf and schedule the move out accordingly. Suffice it to say that Nevada Laws make evicting a tenant a quick and easy process compared to other states, typically taking less than 30 days to complete.

I am switching companies to yours. What do I need to do to complete the transfer?

There may be restrictions in terminating your current contract, as each company has its own terms. Please refer to their management agreement. Generally speaking, you will have to submit a written notice to your current property manager with our contact information so they know who to release information to. We will schedule an appointment to collect the lease, keys, deposit, and any other pertinent information on your behalf. Our experience with takeovers has been quite painless.

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